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Shaam nights restaurant assure our thoughtful and loyal customers that Shaam nights restaurant is still there for next 13/14 years of the remaining period of the lease and not closing as has been misunderstood after the press release made by Wales online news on 9th March 2018



Sunday Times has announced few times that Shaam Nights is one of the three best grill house in the UK ( see images below) and link


So why do not go ahead and book your Christmas meal out with us for an amazing and authentic experience 


Cardiff City has a huge number of multicultural cuisine restaurants and outlets to the point where it may prove difficult to find somewhere a little more upmarket.

However, Shaam Nights is a rather elegant dining experience and sets itself apart from the rest both inside and out. With a beautiful, rustic tiled floor, stained glass and bronze lanterns and noticeably deep cushioned seats, this is an authentic, ornamental Non Alcoholic Syrian establishment to enjoy.

Layali Alshaam (Shaam Nights) offers you a rare opportunity to taste its HALAL Authentic Syrian Cuisine at the heart of Cardiff. Shaam nights is conveniently located close to City centre, less than ten minutes walk or a couple of minutes driving.

Syria, famously known as the cradle of civilisation is the most ancient part of the world still inhabited until today, with famous cities like Damascus and Aleppo known to be the oldest cities in the world.

Syrians pay very special attention to the process of making their food, with many secret recipes passed from mothers to daughters through the generations. Some of these dishes used to be enjoyed by the Caliphs and Sultans only during special occasions.

(However you will have a chance to sample these dishes here today!). These special flavors are a result of a diffusion of the cultures of civilisations that settled in Syria including Arabic Persian and Ottoman influences with only a subtle hint of spiciness. We hope you will enjoy your experience with us, but don’t blame us if you become addicted to it!


Layali Alshaam Team


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